club history


Similar to big corporates like Apple, Infosys and the like, your club also had a very simple and small beginning: Back in June 2010, on a pleasant evening in a hall in the Victoria Hotel at Hosur, the club was launched with Rtn. R.Venkatasubramaniam as the Charter President and Rtn. R.Ravisankar as the Charter Secretary. The Man with the Golden pair of hands, Rtn. Raghavan was the Governor’s Special Representative (GSR).

Rtn R. Venkatasubramaniam is a popular human resource specialist and an avid social worker representing his employer, and has in due course lit lamps in many lives through his counselling and advice for furthering education and life. He has helped many to further the education in the villages surrounding Hosur and also has worked for their economic betterment. His is a wide area of focus ranging from school infrastructure, medical camps, to road safety, to village adoption etc.

Rtn R Ravisankar is another popular personality as an award winning teacher, teaching commerce to many children together with love and comraderie. He has instilled social service and love in the veins of many of his students who go from every nook and corner of Hosur and surrounding Hosur and do service of every kind. He has moulded the minds of many to mastery. He has produced great impact in the minds of pupils and people through very simple and interesting techniques.

With many more talented and capable people joining your club, it peaked a membership of 28 over the recent years. The members profile range from teachers, small businessmen, media and publishing, Information technology specialists, Manufacturing and other business specialists, professionals like advocates and chartered accountants – all feeling like members of a single family!

This cute family has touched the lives of many and here are a few samples:

» Revamping the bathanapalli lake
» Cancer detection and awareness program for girls and women
» School utilities
» Rural medical services – 17 heart surgeries and 64 knee surgeries
so far [through your Rotaract Club of Hosur Greencity]
» Furthering the Polio Eradication Program of the Rotary International
» Annual Blood Donation Camps
» Nirbhaya, an ongoing program spreading awareness on sexual
harassment – covering all schools, colleges and institutions in and around
» Adoption of Schools
» Institutions, Education, Economy, Environment, Health, Awareness – your
club has touched every segment and impacted every kind of citizens of this lovely hosur!

Excited? Come, be a part of this young, vibrant movement!