RCHLV started a fresh year 2016-17 with 15 members. End of the year the total number of members increased to 20, a decent 33% hike.
Club had undertaken 26 goals recorded in the club central and had achieved 22 out of them.
RCHLV had two members’sake program in the year:
A family day outing at the Ayyoor forest resort.
A new year eve celebrations.
Members of RCHLV had double whammy on the lectures delivered by a few members and also by the invited guests:
Rtn. Sivakumar – Travel down south
Rtn. Dr. Rajendran – Alternate therapy systems
Rtn. Basker Krishnan – Interesting criminal cases in Krishnagiri district
Rtn. K.T. Kuthalingam, RCH main – Rotary Grant process
Aram Krishnan – Hosur Heritage and history
Mr. V.J. Nandha – Journalist, News 18 channel
Mr. Sri Venu – Naturalist, Kenneth Anderson, Nature Society
The direction, zeal of the team showed up in the following metrics:
1. Creation of a website
2. Increase in Membership – 33%
3. Improved member attendance – 45%
4. Improved member engagement – 70%
5. High number of projects & events – more than 500